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We're Back

Back bigger and better than ever! We have moved to a new location with parking and outdoor space.

Our elves have been busy making the new grotto welcoming for children and adults with any and all special needs. They have created a space that can be customised to meet each person's sensory preferences.

The Grotto is 100% free and is being funded by The Mckeefery Family and our amazing volunteers and sponsors.

This year we have added a christmas tree market & hot chocolate station.

New Location:
1 Charnwood Drive,
Leicester Forest East,
Leicester LE3 3HL

Our Why

Our 5-year-old son Hudson, has a rare Mitochondrial Disease affecting his FDXR gene. One of the symptoms of this incredibly rare disease is sensory impairment.

This means he can find loud environments and bright lights distressing, so he doesn't usually enjoy typical kid-friendly environments.

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New year, New opportunity.

We are excited to open our doors for Santa's Inclusive Grotto 2022. Our aim is to create a fully inclusive space where anyone with special requirements can feel comfortable and enjoy the magic of visiting Santa.

Here's what you can expect:

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Behind The SCENES

Sneak a Peek


Press | Sky News - 2021 Santa's Grotto

Want to Help?

If you would like to help with this project or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Things we need help with:

More Santa's 🎅🏻
Elf Suit
Fake snow
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